What is Coffert?

Coffert is made from spent coffee grinds with additional natural ingredients to produce a general-purpose fertiliser pellet.

How much coffee ends up in land fill waste in Australia?

93% or 75,000 tonnes per annum

Why is pelletised Coffert better than spent coffee grinds?

Pellets are easier and cleaner to apply and won't mould like putting straight coffee waste onto your plants

What is the NPK rating for Coffert?

A. 18% Nitrogen 43% Phosphorus 10% Potassium 
B. 2 – 4 – 1 

How much Coffert fertiliser do I apply?

Each Coffert pod equates to 6 potted plants or 1 square metre of garden bed. Houseplants generally require regular fertilising during spring, summer and autumn months and less during the winter months.

Should I use water?

Yes. It is best to avoid applying Coffert on dry soils. After application apply water then continue regular watering as the plant requires.

Will the pellet disappear when it is first used?

No. Release time will vary depending if the pellet is used outside subject to rainfall and weather conditions or has an inside plant application.

How long can I store Coffert?

Coffert is a natural product with no chemicals it is best used within 6 months of purchase.